Global coordinated observation of the Pornhub homepage

PornHub exp


Our primary goal, in the first test, is to see how much the personalized experience changes between people performing the same actions.

All steps in the test have a motivation behind it:

- The homepage changes frequently over 24 hours, and the changes are partly location-specific (“hot videos in ‘Your Country’“); steps 1 and 6 are meant to check this  
- The recommended videos change by the activity performed: how fast do they change, and (steps 4 and 6) do they change equally around the world?  
- Old videos will have a stable list of related videos: is that true around the world? (step 3)  
- Freshly published videos will have a list of related videos that changes more frequently: can we quantify how much? (step 5)

Our goal is not to investigate why Pornhub does what they do, yet, but rather, to take some basic measurements and test our process.

By Tracking Exposed.